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Green Pear Fruit Fly Trap with 3 Lures

Green Pear Fruit Fly Trap with 3 Lures
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Brand Gardener's Supply
Manufacturer Gardener's Supply Co.

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Details Of Green Pear Fruit Fly Trap with 3 Lures

Brand Gardener's Supply
Color Green
Feature Eco-friendly: no plastic traps to throw away,Includes three packets of non-toxic lure,Effective and easy to use,Recycled crackle glass, metal, 3 non-toxic fruit fly lures,4" in diameter x 8" H
Label Gardener's Supply Co.
Manufacturer Gardener's Supply Co.
MPN 39-840**
ProductGroup Lawn & Patio
Publisher Gardener's Supply Co.
Studio Gardener's Supply Co.
Title Green Pear Fruit Fly Trap with 3 Lures

Who wants annoying fruit flies flitting around the fruit bowl? No one will ever know that this pretty glass pear is also a fruit fly trap, which works like a wasp trap. Attracted by the bait, fruit flies enter and can't find their way back out. Just mix a packet of lure with water, remove the top from the pear and pour in the lure. Every two weeks or so, simply rinse out the pear and add a fresh batch of lure — no plastic traps to throw away. Includes three packets of non-toxic lure; additional lures sold separately. Choice of Green or Yellow.