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SainSmart CNC TB6560 3 Axis 3.5A Stepper Motor

SainSmart CNC TB6560 3 Axis 3.5A Stepper Motor
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Brand SainSmart
Manufacturer Sain Store

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Detail Of: SainSmart CNC TB6560 3 Axis 3.5A Stepper Motor


* isolation to protect the user's computer and equipment
* Four control inputs (divided into pairs of knives) - Allows setting of limit and emergency stop.
* Universal architecture - Supports most parallel software MACH3,KCAM4,EMC2 etc.

Voltage Selection

* 12-16V DC power supply for Nema 17 stepper motors
* 16-24V DC power supply for Nema 23 stepper motors
* 24-36V DC power supply for Nema 34 stepper motors
* The power output of 12V shall be applied to the radiator fan of 12V
* Driver output compatible with 2 or 4 phase, 4,6 or 8 lead stepper motors, 3A max.
* Suitable for unipolar or bipolar stepper motors.
* Voltage regulated spindle speed controlled by parallel interface as function of supply voltage.

Package Content

1 x 3 Axis TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver
1 x DB25 parallel cable
5 x Wire connectors
1 x CD software (English Manual & Mach 3)

Important Note:
Please connect the power supply to the power switch of DC 12-36 V

Brand SainSmart
EAN 6955170898473
Feature Toshiba TB6560AHQ chip - High power, maximum 3.5A drive current.,Professional design, two-stage signal processing, super anti-jamming.,1-1/16 microstep setting - Higher accuracy.,Adjustable drive current settings for each axis - 25%,50%,75%,100% of full current can be set for different stepper motors.,Overload, over-current and over-temperature safety - Full protection for your computer and peripheral equipment.
Label Sain Store
Manufacturer Sain Store
ProductGroup Single Detail Page Misc
Publisher Sain Store
SKU 20-019-208-A01
Studio Sain Store
Title SainSmart CNC TB6560 3 Axis 3.5A Stepper Motor